Soft Washing

To those who are hesitant about using pressure washing for their business, consider the alternative – soft washing. If you have property that you think will be destroyed by the power of a high-pressure washer but it still needs a deep cleaning, we offer convenient soft washing services in Raleigh. With soft washing, the focus is more on the cleaning solution itself, and less on the pressure. When using power washers with excessive force, the water pressure is assisting the cleanup process in addition to the cleaning solutions used. For our soft washing Raleigh services, we use specialized low-pressure pumps so that your property is not damaged. We have many cleaning solutions that can effectively work just as well as our most extreme power washers.

What Are The Benefits?

There are many concerns about the use of pressure washing on certain materials. With soft washing, you not only reduce the impact of water pressure, but you also increase the  ability to kill persistent bacteria. For instance, if you have an asphalt shingle roof that has the beginnings of mold spores growing, utilizing our Raleigh team’s soft washing services will ensure that the mold itself is killed and the entire area is sanitized. With power washing, you get similar results but without the high-strength antibacterial solutions. Depend on our soft washing Raleigh experts for input and advice on your next cleaning project. Contact us today to see if soft washing is a beneficial option for you!