Roof Cleaning in Raleigh, NC

We Offer A 3 Year No Streak Guarantee After Our Cleaning!

If you have a home with an asphalt shingle roof, you might notice black streaks slowly starting to appear. You could also see mold, moss, and/or dirt buildup that looks like it could cause long-term damage to your roof if left untreated. This is definitely a possibility. You should know that the average cost to replace a roof can run anywhere from $6,000 to over $18,000. Not many people have that kind of money just sitting around for your first major roof leak.

When looking for a roof cleaning company, you want a company that specializes in treating your roof with caution and care to prevent causing more damage. Our Raleigh roof cleaning professionals have years of experience removing the problematic growths on your roof, and leaving you with a clean and undamaged roof. Experience is a key factor in preventing roof replacement or repair.

You can extend the life of your roof by regularly taking advantage of our Raleigh roof cleaning services. In fact, while most roofs can last over 20 years, regularly cleaned roofs could potentially last even longer. If your roof was made with high quality building materials, you should be able to prolong its life by a significant length of time. Raleigh roofs face rainfall, but no other major forms of precipitation usually. That is another reason to use our roof cleaning services to your benefit. If you stay in your home for a few decades, you may never even have to replace the roof. It is a worthwhile investment to clean off the regular dirt buildup and rid your roof of all potential mold growth areas. Contact us today to schedule our professional roof cleaning team!