Patio Cleaning in Raleigh, NC

You have a beautiful clean patio. Or, you used to anyway. That is, before the years of rain and dirt from your yard caused it to stain. You want your gorgeous patio back, and we can help. Our patio cleaning team knows exactly how to refresh your patio and get it ready for recreational use.

Outdoor living is one of the things you love about your home. Don’t let a dirty patio deter you from spending a lot of time outside. You can call our patio cleaning team immediately and we can begin working on creating a healthy, clean outdoor living space for you again. Over time, heavy rainfall can cause dirt to spread from your yard onto the patio. Whether your patio is made of wood, concrete or pavers, it is vulnerable to a large buildup of grime. This can eventually discolor your patio, masking its original polish. When you’re planning a barbecue with friends, you don’t want to have to get on your hands and knees and scrub your patio.

We use high-tech power washing equipment and products in order to get your patio looking new again. We remove all stains through high-pressure washing and take care of any mold spores or animal feces that might have infected the surface. These substances can be tracked into your house and cause sicknesses of you, your family, or beloved family pets. You don’t want your patio to be the cause of that. Trust our Raleigh patio cleaning experts to take care of your outdoor space today.

Contact us today for patio pressure washing and cleaning services in Raleigh!