Dumpster Pad Cleaning in Raleigh, NC

A cleaning service that might go unnoticed, but is very necessary is dumpster pad cleaning. As any commercial business owner knows, your trash pickup is essential to the everyday running of your business. While your contracted trash provider picks up and replaces your dumpster, you are responsible for making sure that the area is clean and odor-free.

Nothing turns off a customer more than the smell of rotten trash. After weeks, months and years of use, your dumpster pad is in need of a serious cleaning. Our Raleigh dumpster pad cleaning power washing services let our staff take care of this issue quickly and effectively. You will no longer have a constant smell to your dumpster pad area. We deodorize and neutralize all bad odors.

In addition to the disgusting smell that might be coming from your dumpster pad, you could also be exposing your employees and your customers to environmental hazards. By properly cleaning and maintaining your dumpster pad, you’re guaranteeing that all trash and waste is constantly removed from the premises of your business. Dumpster pads need to have a regularly scheduled sanitation completed, or else the odor and health risks only rise. If you let your dumpster pad go, smells could deter potential customers from afar. Strong odors can float in through the backdoor as soon as your employee exits, or waft into areas around your building. Our Raleigh dumpster pad cleaning  power washing and deodorizing services take away the headache of dealing with you dumpster residue and scents. Let Hydro Pressure Clean leave you with a clean and odor free dumpster pad today! Contact us!