1. Keep Your Fence Clean

    It seems weird to talk about cleaning your fence, but it can definitely increase your curb appeal. If you live in a neighborhood with a homeowner’s association it is likely that you are required to have your house and yard look a certain way. Many times one of the major requirements is to have a white vinyl fence. They enforce this rule very sternly. Post people love the uniform look throughout …Read More

  2. Hydro Pressure To The Rescue

    Your son Timmy comes in screaming. You rush to him to comfort him and ask what is wrong. He proceeds to tell you that he was stung by a wasp. Grrrrrrrr...There is a family of wasps who have decided to build a home in the corner of the porch of your home. How dare they try to share your humble abode. You have knocked pieces of the nest down with a broom time and time again, but you can never seem t…Read More

  3. Refresh Your Paint Job With Power Washing

    The housing market is hot right now which means that there are a lot of people looking to sell their homes and a lot of potential buyers. You are getting ready to put your house on the market. Your realtor tells you that the inside of your house looks great, but the outside looks a little bit messy. You put in a new deck and got a new coat of paint last summer, but all of the blizzards this winter…Read More

  4. Increasing Curb Appeal

    Are you looking to increase the curb appeal of your home? Whether you want to do it for personal reasons or resale reasons, it is a good idea. Home improvements generally hold their value, and as we know a first impression is a lasting one. Making the exterior of your home look a little brighter and more polished can increase both the value and appeal of your home. In fact, renewing the look of yo…Read More

  5. Cleaning Dreams

    Your husband found the car of his dreams, a cherry red 1975 Cutlass. Ironically enough, he used to own this exact car, and regretted ever selling good old Ruby. He had a Cutlass when you met back in the early 70s. He picked you up in it on your first date. It was a pristine cherry red with white leather seats. You loved that car too. He has been searching for this car for years, and he finally fou…Read More

  6. Spring For A Pro: Part 2

    So you have decided that it is best to hire the power washing pros at Hydro Pressure Clean in Raleigh. You don’t want to end up refinishing your deck, like your neighbor Tom. You call Hydro Pressure Clean for a free quote. Their quote is reasonable, so you decide to start asking all of the questions that you know you should before officially hiring them: confirming insurance, workmans comp, expe…Read More

  7. Storm Sweeping

    Summer is in full swing. The birds are singing, the heat is sweltering, and you are begging the trees in your backyard for shade. Your oak and cotton trees have really had a growth spurt these past few years, and are now towering well over the roof of your home. The coverage is much appreciated. Summer Storms It is only appropriate to have a few major thunderstorms throughout the summer months. Th…Read More

  8. Spring For The Pros

    You step outside into the warm spring air. You breathe in and exhale slowly. You have missed that fresh warm air. You glance around your yard and are less than impressed with the condition of your yard. You skim the area, taking in the bare trees and yellow grass, your eyes finally stop and peer down. Your deck is looking lackluster, the cracks are filled with dirt and debris from the winter. You …Read More

  9. Regreting The Rust

    You are storing your brother’s car in your three-car garage while he is teaching English in Indonesia. It was the perfect opportunity for him to travel and get a once-in-a-lifetime cultural experience. You were so excited for him, so of course you told him you would do anything to help. In this instance ”anything” meant storing his ‘96 Honda in your garage as well as a mattress and a few b…Read More

  10. 4 Questions To Ask Before Hiring A Pressure Washing Company

    As with hiring any type of contractor, there are certain questions that you should ask before hiring a company to do work on your property. Categories that are important to cover before signing any contracts or committing to a company include insurance, references, experience, and process. Let's take a deeper look at these categories. Are They Insured? First and foremost, you want to make sure tha…Read More